Mission Matriarch strives to create a blueprint for organisations seeking to put sustainability and the conservation of our planet at the centre of its value proposition. 

We’re set for a wild and challenging journey ahead… are you ready to take the first step?


"Harnessing innovative ideas and creative problem solving to tackle growing biodiversity and environmental challenges"


Mission Matriarch continues to tackle challenges that demonstrate the opportunity and responsibility all businesses have to positively impact the environment around them and the people, plants and animals that enjoy them!


Matriarch Meadery's modern take on the ancient honey wine showcases both the fantastic floral variety of native Australian plants and the incredibly talented producers winemakers and bee keepers of the Victorian Prom Country.


Mission Matriarch has taken it's innovative attitude to the the development of a completely new nest box deign that shifts the challenges around material and design requirements out of citizen conservationists hands so that they can ensure nest boxes are ideally positioned to maximise their value to local furry and feathered friends.


Project senTREE is Mission Matriarch's first foray into the development of an IoT solution supporting the digitisation of nest box monitoring and long-term conservation research.
This device and corresponding application make installing and tracking nest boxes far more interactive and approachable than what has been historically possible, promoting communities to join forces in making and impact beyond the boundaries of their own backyard!

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